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EMP Ain Shams Medical School

Dear valued future colleagues and potential members of the EMP family
We were all delighted that you have been nominated to join the Faculty of Medicine of Ain Shams University.
If you have been already interviewed and passed the required exams please proceed with the payment of your first installment of the academic year 2014- 2015.
-If you have been nominated to join any other faculty of medicine and you have already passed the above mentioned interview and exams please Urgently contact the EMP on Wednesday morning so as to facilitate the process of transferral.
– if you still have not been interviewed nor passed the required exams, whether nominated to ASU or any other university, please URGENTLY contact the EMP to become registered, apply for the requested interviews and exams . This will facilitate the process for your transferral and admission to the EMP.
Please note that the dead time for admission to the EMP is On October 13, 2014.
Best of luck.

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