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Date : Wednesday October 22, 2014
Venue : EMP building

All the EMP fresh students and a number of their parents attended the session . Professor Aisha Aboulfotouh, the Vice Dean of student affairs welcomed the students and wished them a bright future and career. All the EMP Coordinators and staff were there. Professor Sabbour introduced the EMP to the audience and elaborated on the learning principles underpinning the program and how active participation in the learning is a requirement to join it. Professor Hany Shawki elaborated on the learning activities and explained the learning cycle. Professor Amr Nadim explained the concept of deep learning and the necessity to use textbooks as a learning resource. He elaborated on the learning facilitating tools with special emphasis on the study guides that will be provided on weekly basis for the students for each of the subjects . Professor Walid Farag explained administrative issues .This is was followed by Professor Hala El Wakeel who introduced the extracurricular activities. The audience were then invited to cut the EMP cake designed and decorated by one of the students Karima Mahmoud Allam. Karima presented her fellow colleagues and tutors with a creation of her own. This was much appreciated by all of us …it seems that the EMP family spirit just started to spread among all of us.

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