Core Courses Required For Graduation

  I. Foundation Courses:


ANAT-11: Introduction to Human Anatomy & General Embryology
HIST-11:  General Histology & Cell Biology
PHYS-11: General Physiology & Biophysics
BIO-11: General Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
BEHV-11 : Behavioral Sciences (I)
BEHV-32: Behavioral Sciences (II)
PATH-12: General Pathology
PHAR-12: General Pharmacology
MICR-12: General Microbiology& Immunology
PARA-12: General Parasitology
STAT-12: Biostatistics & Research Basics

 II. Integrated Modules:


LOCOM-21: Locomotor System, Integument &Peripheral Nervous System Module
BL-21: Blood & lymphatic System Module
RES-22: Respiratory System Module
CVS-22: Cardiovascular System Module
CNS-31: Central Nervous System Module
SPSN-31: Special Senses Module
ENDO-31: Endocrine System & Metabolism (1) Module
GIT-32: Digestive System &Metabolism (2) Module
UROGEN-32: Urogential System Module
MULTI-32: Multisystem Module

  III. Clinical Subjects:


MED-40:Medicine (1) MED-50:Medicine (2)
MED-60: Medicine (3) MED-63:Medicine (4)
SUR-40: Surgery (1) SUR-50: Surgery (2)
SUR-60: Surgery (3) SUR-63: Surgery (4)
PED-40: Pediatrics (1) PED-50: Pediatrics (2)
PED-60: Pediatrics (3) PED-63: Pediatrics (4)
GYN-40: Gynecology &Obstetrics (1) GYN-50: Gynecology &Obstetrics (2) GYN-60: Gynecology &Obstetrics (3) GYN-63: Gynecology &Obstetrics (4)
ENT-50:Ear, Nose & Throat surgery
OPH-50: Ophthalmology
EMER-60: Emergency & Critical Care Medicine
FOREN-60: Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

  IV. Community medicine & Epidemiology:


COM-40, COM-50 & COM-60

 V. Personal & Professional Development:


PPD-10: Personal/ Professional Development 1
PPD-20: Personal/ Professional Development 2
PPD-30: Personal/ Professional Development 3
PPD-40: Personal/ Professional Development 4
PPD-50: Personal/ Professional Development 5
PPD-60: Personal/ Professional Development 6




 Optional Courses Not Required For Graduation


OP1- 43 &53: Health Care Management
OP2- 43 &53: HealthCare Quality Assurance
OP3- 43 &53: Education for Health Professionals

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